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Chronic pain will invariably impact your psychological health. Sometimes depression occurs as a direct result of the pain. In other cases your unique psychology may make you more or less susceptible to pain. Frequently a comprehensive treatment plan includes assessing your psychological health and its impact on your pain syndrome. We may refer you for in-depth screening assessments, cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, or counseling.

Treating chronic pain may require a team approach with a pain psychologist, or psychiatrist.  We work closely together to achieve the best result possible for you.

 Addiction creates a barrier to the treatment of pain not only use of opioids, but also many advanced treatments of pain 

  • Depression can be caused or exacerbated by pain
  • Anxiety itself can be perceived as pain and certainly if poorly controlled will worsen pain from any cause.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy can harness the power of you mind to reduce the impact of pain on your life
  • Biofeedback can be used to increase the effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation
  • Medication Assisted treatment of addiction is available at our Redding Opioid Recovery Medical Clinic (530-242-6022)


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