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Pain located in the pelvis can limit a wide variety of physical activities and can dramatically impact our relationships by interfering with sexual function.  The majority of our patients have a history of trauma or surgery.  Some have a pathology of the skeletal system including the lumbar spine, hip, and sacroiliac joints.  We work closely with our colleagues in Orthopedics, OBGYN, and Gastroenterology to be sure there are no untreated medical or surgical diseases to formulate the best plan for treatment of your pain.

    Whether you have intermittent pain or constant, unremitting pain in your buttocks, hip, or groin we will pursue first diagnosis and finally treatment to hopefully achieve your best possible outcome.


Common Causes

Post Surgical Pain




Case Study

Mrs Jones (not her real name), 55 years old, came to a musculoskeletal specialist seeking advice for a 3-year history of progressively worsening pain in both knees. Her knees were stiff for about 20 minutes when she arose in the morning and for a few minutes after getting up from a chair during the day. She had difficulty walking > 30 minutes because of pain, and her symptoms were exacerbated by kneeling, squatting, or descending stairs. Although sitting, resting, and reclining relieved her pain, she became stiff if she stayed in one position for too long. Her symptoms were worse on humid or cold days, and she occasionally felt as if one of her knees would “give out.”

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