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Therapeutic Injection

Once an accurate diagnosis of your pain syndrome has been made, you may benefit from therapeutic injection, delivering steroids, local anesthetics, microwave energy, plant alkaloids, botulinum toxin and neurolytic medications for a therapeutic effect. These precision injections are typically image-guided with live X-ray or ultrasound. These injections allow direct treatment affected tissues, lowering your exposure to medications like steroids. IV sedation is sometimes used for your comfort or to improve safety.

Examples of how it could help...

  • blocking a nerves ability to transmit pain from spine facet joints, radiofrequency neurotomy
  • treatment of tissues with poor blood flow like pinched spinal nerves or ruptured disks with epidural steroid injection
  • treatment of migraine headache with botox therapy
  • treatment of muscle spasm and myofascial pain with trigger point injections
  • the use of nerve destruction or neurolytic injection to treat cancer nerve pain


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